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Benefits Of Meditation


Benefits Of Meditation

Do you get any benefits of meditation through regular practice? When you are ready to take up meditation, you might already have an idea of what is meditation and might have a few notions about its benefits which usually evolve around making your life fuller, healthier and happier.

However there are much more advantages to meditation that you might actually realize.Considering that the practice is free and all you need to invest in is a bit of your time and possibly some meditation accessories that can make it easier to start your daily practice, the gains are indeed huge.  

Over the last 50 years, many universities and other agencies have conducted various studies on the benefits and positive effect of meditation on the psychology, physiology, spirituality and emotional behavior of people. (Reference)

Studies have been carried out in the US, Europe and India mostly and based on several of such researches, I have condensed some of the main benefits we can gain from practicing any form of meditation.

So here are in a nutshell the main meditation benefits:

Psychological and emotional benefits of meditation

  1. Helps with stress relief
  2. Slows down the mind aging process
  3. Helps with eliminating various bad traits and habits from your life
  4. Builds up self-esteem and self-confidence
  5. Helps remove various phobias, fears and addictions (such as smoking or drug use)
  6. Helps with learning as it sharpens the concentration and ability to focus
  7. Increases productivity and job satisfaction at work
  8. Improves personal and business relationships
  9. Enhances the empathic abilities
  10. Gives better tolerance to petty issues
  11. Enhances social behavior and minimizes anti-social or aggressive tendencies
  12. Enhances the positive personality of the person
  13. Helps the brain to solve more complex problems
  14. Minimizes tendencies to worry over things too much, which automatically reduces the levels of stress
  15. Develops emotional balance and maturity
  16. Ability to see things for what they really are
  17. Develops detachment from insignificant, irritating thoughts
  18. Helps enhance creativity and spontaneity

Physiological, functional body benefits

  1. Regulates the blood flow and the heart beating rate
  2. Helps with anxiety and panic attacks
  3. Minimizes muscle tension
  4. Increases the energy of the body, making it stronger and healthier
  5. Lowers risks of cholesterol and heart diseases
  6. Slows down the aging process
  7. Helps with weight loss, allergies, asthma and other health issues
  8. Helps with PMS (premenstrual) symptoms
  9. Minimizes stress and enhances physical relaxation abilities
  10. Ability to control chronic disease pains or migraines
  11. Is known to help with fertility problems
  12. Helps in healing after an operation or long and heavy illness
  13. Better brain function
  14. Symptom relief of menopause

Spiritual benefits

  1. Improves life attitude
  2. Improves relationship with God or other higher entity
  3. Helps living in the now
  4. Improves the occurrence of synchronicities in life
  5. Experience an inner sense of peace and oneness with the world
  6. Helps attain enlightenment
  7. Helps find happiness, peace of mind and true contentment
  8. Unifies the mind, body and spirit
  9. Enhances the capabilities to love and gives a different understanding of what love is
  10. Helps leave yourself more
  11. Helps understand others better and be more empathic towards them
  12. Enriches your soul
  13. Helps discover the true purpose in life

All these meditation benefits are attainable, depending on your personal goals. However achieving them needs perseverance and working at it.

While initially some people find it frustrating to not experience one of these benefits of meditation right away, over time they will become part of life. Several people find themselves experiencing more benefits and advantages of meditation than they were initially trying to get. This is an added benefit to the practice of meditation: gaining more good from it than you ever thought possible.

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