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When is the best time to Meditate?

 When is the best time to Meditate?

There is not really an ideal time to meditate. Meditating can be done everywhere and at all times.

Traditionally the morning is considered the best time to meditate. In many Eastern schools sunrise is considered the best time because then your natural energy is not yet disturbed by human activity. Whether this is true or not, in the early morning it is nice and quiet, you are fresh and awake, you have not yet come across the problems of the day and therefore it is easier to reach a deep level of Meditation. If you start your day with Meditating, you will reap its fruits for the rest of the day.

If you are not a morning person, it may be advisable to meditate at night before you go to bed. Meditating is a great way of introducing a delightful sleep. You calm down your mind and it makes you fall asleep easily. No wonder that many people that suffer from insomnia consider Meditating the best medicine. It may be a disadvantage that after a difficult or stressful day it may be harder to find the right motivation for your Meditation. Before you know it you lie lazily in front of your TV and you have forgotten your good intentions. Look at Meditation in the same way as you look at sports when you are in doubt whether to choose your TV set or your Meditation pillow. Afterwards you are always happy when you have made the right choice.

Between early in the morning and late at night there are plenty of times when you can meditate well. Also in this field the classic rule applies: try out all the different times and choose the moment that works best for you. Perhaps the best moment for you is during your lunch-break, in the train, or when you come home from work. You may know situations in which you normally just waste your time with things like waiting or travelling. Try to turn such situations into meditative exercises and use your time well. Do little Meditations during a dull presentation, when you are waiting for your turn in the bakery shop or when you are eating an apple. Before you know it your life becomes one big Meditation and you live fully in the NOW. If you think that you cannot find the time to meditate, then realise that medi-tating results in your needing less sleep and that it makes you get a lot of extra time because you deal with your affairs and your activities in a more effective fashion.

If it is possible, try to find a fixed regularity in your Meditating. If you have a fixed time and a fixed place for your Meditation session you will find it easier to get into a meditative condition. Your mind will start to associate that place and that time with Meditating and in consequence with relaxing. Besides a fixed pattern will help you to maintain your discipline. Good luck! 

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